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White Seahorse Press is a specialty publishing services provider. We have several book titles in our repertoire and provide consulting services to authors interested in self-publishing. We can help you get your book printed on demand online, or convert it to several different eBook formats - including Amazon's Kindle. As prior book printers, marketers, and authors, we can advise you from a knowledgeable perspective on what it takes to create, publish, launch and promote your book.

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Happy Hooking - the Art of Anchoring

Happy Hooking is a very readable book loaded with valuable information on anchoring tackle, anchoring technique, tying up and rafting, anchoring etiquette, as well as the occasional anecdote - simply stated a must have! (if we don't say so ourselves)

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Oyster Delight

The Definitive Guide to eating oysters

There has never been an oyster book like this one. Guaranteed. It covers just about everything an oyster lover would care to learn about this delectable little devil. Written by a marine biologist who started an oyster hatchery in the West of Ireland and originally used a version of the cookbook to boost sales, it eventually grew to become this entertaining first edition of a most extraordinary definitive guide to everything about oysters. And it is eminently readable, not like a cookbook at all, but informative and entertaining.

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Multilingual Manual for Medical History-Taking

Written by Luis R.M. Del Guercio, M.D., this book translates questions a physician may need to ask from English into six important languages with pronounciation help: Spanish, French, Rusian, Polish, Italian and German.

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Co-Branded Books

There are several ways in which your company can positively impact your business and strengthen customer relationships. One important and oft overlooked way is to find a book relevant to your product offering. Working with its author/publisher you can make it your own by adding your brand and marketing message to it.

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We are widely published in both the pharmaceutical and boating press.

Our repertoir ranges from technical 'how to' articles through biographies and monographs, what we experienced while out cruising, destinations we have visited, and on to full length commercial fistion novels. We also do many writing assignments.

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Presentations & Seminars

Knowledge Clinic delivers online seminars via the Web (hence "webinars") on a variety of specialty topics. Webinars are conducted live online with with one or more experts who deliver highly interactive sessions. Live chat enables you to ask questions in real time and have them answered during the session. Resource materials can be downloaded for further reference. All sessions are recorded and you can review them at your leisure after the live event.

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